With our Dignified Direct Cremation, you can be assured that we will treat your loved one with dignity and care at the most reasonable and affordable cost

This charge includes the local transfer of the decedent to our funeral home, basic services of staff, local transportation to our crematory, refrigeration, crematory fee, preparation of necessary permits and authorizations.

This charge does not include additional mileage charges, government fees, the use of staff and facilities for visitation, rites and ceremonies, or any other service or merchandise not specifically listed. Holiday, weekend, second attendant, any coordination of services or cemetery arrangement, or after hour’s fees may apply.

If you would like to arrange a direct cremation, you may use an alternative container. Alternative containers encase the body and may be made of materials like fiberboard and composition materials (with or without an outside covering). The containers we provide are made of heavy fiberboard. We also offer a selection of cremation oriented caskets made of wood and other composite materials.

Our Price

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Additional Cremation Fees

  • Standard Cremation (Up to 250 lbs.) $295
    • Oversize Cremation: (251-299 lbs.) Additional $75
    • (300+ lbs.) Additional $200
  • Casketed Cremation (Hardwood Cremation Casket – No Metal) Additional $100
  • Witness Cremation Starting at $200
  • Expedited / Rush Cremation (Completed within 48 hours of obtaining county permits.) $200
  • Standard Shipping of Cremated Remains within U.S. Starting at $85
  • Scattering Cremated Remains at Sea (Un-witnessed) $125

Miscellaneous Fees

  • Disposition Permit $12
  • Certified Copies of Death Certificate (Per Copy) $21
  • Professional Fee to Obtain Certified Copies of Death Certificates (Required if we obtain DCs + cost of DC) $75
  • State Regulatory Fee (Charged by the Department of Consumer Affairs on each Cremation) $8.50
  • Clergy Honorarium Starting at $250
  • County Coroner / Medical Examiner Fees
    • Los Angeles $372
    • Orange County $318
    • Riverside County $320
    • San Bernardino County $250
    • San Diego County $280