Breaking Tradition with Cremation

When someone in your family passes away, it might seem like a foregone conclusion as to what type of funeral they will have. Everyone in your family has traditional funerals and that’s all there is to it. And while there is nothing wrong with going the traditional route, there are a few reasons you might consider going with a cremation by Gold Coast Cremation instead. Here are a few to think through during this difficult time.

Reason 1: The family doesn’t have a problem with cremation

Everyone who has passed on in the family before had a traditional funeral, but when you ask around, no one really has a problem with cremation. They have just fallen back on tradition and done what has always been done. That can change right now if the family agrees that cremation is a valid direction to go. If no one has a problem with cremation, there’s no reason not to at least consider the process.

Reason 2: Money is tight

Whether the person who passed on left little money for services or the family has to pay for it and doesn’t have much to budget for the event, cremation is a good choice. Cremation costs much less than traditional services because it is less involved. There’s no casket, for example, and usually, there is no viewing either, which means no embalming and other such services. All of those things lower the price of the overall funeral services so you can honor your loved one without a high expense.

Reason 3: It’s hard to get the family together on short notice

Sure, death is an extenuating circumstance and family members will want to do what they can to make the funeral services. But life gets in the way and sometimes the notice is too short to drop everything and travel. When you have cremation done, family members don’t have to rush to get to the funeral.  A memorial service can be planned for any time and anywhere without a huge rush to get everything in order immediately.

Reason 4: Cremation allows for options

When you go with a traditional burial, you buy a casket and the loved one is buried. With cremation, there are many more options. You can dispense the ashes over the sea, in a park, or anywhere else you see fit. You can bury the ashes under a tree, share them amongst relatives, or put them in a place of honor in your home. The options are nearly limitless.

If your family has always had traditional burials before, it’s okay to continue that tradition. But if you feel cremation would be a more appropriate avenue for this particular situation, our family at Gold Coast Cremation would be honored to serve you. Give us a call at 866-744-4142.