5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Ahead for Cremation

Having been in the funeral industry for many years, we have seen our share of mistakes families tend to make when pre-planning a cremation. Most families spend countless hours planning for retirement, wedding, big purchases such as a house or car, and many other items. However, when it comes to the final arrangements after death many times this is seen as an after thought or that by talking about it, it will make the death happen immediately. That is not the case. The fact is when a death occurs, the family has many decisions to make in a short amount of time, this can be extremely stressful and emotional. Give yourself and your family peace of mind by taking the time to plan ahead and it will greatly reduce the stress when the death does occur. Here are just a few mistakes we want to help you avoid when you plan ahead with Gold Coast Cremation.

Mistake 1: Waiting for an illness before planning ahead
It’s true that many people pass on after they have been ill for a length of time. You might wait until you get sick to start planning, but you shouldn’t. Honestly, you never know when you will pass on and if you are ill, it can be harder on you and everyone around you to plan at that time.

Mistake 2: Not making your wishes clear
If you want cremation, you need for your family members to know that in no uncertain terms. You should have a plan in place with a funeral home and those plans should be in writing and held by several family members as well. Everyone should know what you want in a clear manner so there is no confusion.

Mistake 3: Avoiding questions
There are a lot of questions you will have about planning for cremation and you will want to make sure you ask them all. You also need to allow your family members the time to ask questions to ensure that everyone is on the same page and your wishes will be taken care of in the proper manner.

Mistake 4: Lack of communication with family members
In theory, you could visit with a funeral home and put your plans for cremation into place. But it’s very important to talk with your family members as well so they are aware of what you want and aren’t surprised when the time comes. Plus, then they know which funeral home to call for the details.

Mistake 5: Letting price take control
It’s smart to keep a budget in mind when you are planning for cremation, but you should not let the price dictate everything you do. Look for affordable prices that give you quality services so your family has a chance to honor you and say goodbye.

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