Thank you for choosing Gold Coast Cremation to serve your family. It is an honor to serve your family in time of need.

If a death has occurred, please contact us immediately at 866-744-4142


To get started, all we need is the appropriate release completed to bring your loved one into our care.

Not At Coroner’s Office

If your loved one is at a hospital, nursing home, boarding home, residence or any facility that is not a county coroner please complete the GCC Authorization for Release.

Fill out the Release Form

At Coroner’s Office

If your loved one is at a coroners office, please complete the appropriate coroner’s release below.

Riverside Coroner Release
San Diego Medical Examiner Release
San Bernardino Coroner Release
Orange Coroner Release
Los Angeles Coroner Release


Now that you have completed the correct Authorization for Release or Coroner’s Release we will immediately begin the process of picking your loved one up from current location/place of death. When you are ready, we need to you complete the following forms at your convenience (GCC Starter Pack / Cremation Forms)

GCC Starter Pack

Complete the Starter Pack

GCC Cremation Forms

Complete the Cremation Forms


If you have any questions as you are completing these forms please do not hesitate to call us for personal help over the phone 24/7 at 866-744-4142.